It is absolutely critical that safety service personnel be properly identified to allow access to accident or crime scenes as well as restricted access locations like police, fire departments and courts. It is also absolutely essential that only those individuals with proper credentials be permitted to carry your department’s ID cards. Professional ID Cards Inc. provides numerous ways to meet those needs.

Police, Fire, and EMS photo identification cards and photo identification badges can be printed with a variety of information and graphics.


The easiest way to identify your department is by printing your uniform patch, badge, logo or state seal on your ID cards and ID badges. We have images of all US state seals in our database. Township seals and company logos should be sent to us in digital format for best results.


Many agencies request a watermark or ghosted image in the background of the ID cards. We can also do this for you at no additional cost. A patch, badge, state, township, city seal, or company logo can be watermarked in the background of your photo ID cards and photo ID badges without interfering with printed text.


Images of emergency vehicles and agency buildings are an attractive way of personalizing your ID cards and ID badges. Send us a digital photograph in jpeg format or printed photograph suitable for scanning. This is also available at no additional cost to you.


Adding your chief’s signature printed on the photo ID cards and ID badges is yet another layer of added security. We will be happy to do this for you at no additional charge. Some departments require employee’s signatures and fingerprints embedded on the cards as well. A nominal fee is charged per employee signature and fingerprint due to the increased processing time.

Some departments also like to provide retired personnel with their own ID cards and with the new requirements regarding carry concealed permits, departments are offering them to their former employees as well.

EMS Personnel Names

We have found that most EMS personnel prefer to have only their first names printed on the front of the photo ID badges for security reasons. Full names are usually printed on the back side of the ID badges that are worn by EMS personnel to comply with Medicare requirements of full name, certification number, and company affiliation. Most companies agree that this is the best way to comply with identification requirements while providing some degree of anonymity to the employee while dealing with confrontational situations.

We offer the following...