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Our identification cards and badges are printed on high quality PVC card stock.  Each card is the size of a standard credit card and our dye-sub, thermal processing technique provides vibrant colors on both the front and back of each card.  Signatures and watermarks can be added to authenticate your cards for added security.

Horizontal Cards

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Horizontal cards can be used as wallet cards or name badges to verify your identity and show credentials.  Your logo can be added to personalize them or you can use one of our standard designs.  Practical uses of the cards include:

You card can be customized to contain the following information:

  • Name and title
  • Vital statistics such as height and weight
  • Authorization signatures

Vertical Cards

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Vertical cards work great as badges to display your name, picture and title. We offer a number of accessories noted below that help enhance the appearance of your card.  Practical applications of the cards include:

  • Home care service providers to provide identification to those you serve
  • Any business who provides home service to identify your business and employees
  • Schools and daycare centers to monitor visitors and identify family members
  • Fairs and festivals to help identify workers and volunteers
  • Conventions to identify participants and verify authorization for restricted areas
  • Class reunions and special occasions to add a more personal touch to the name tag

Sticky Badges

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Why carry an access card and an identification card when you can combine the two into one?  Sticky Badges are a great way to turn an access card into a combined id and access card.  We will print your one sided identification card to a Sticky Badge, punch a slot if necessary, then either apply to the access card you provide or you can apply it yourself.


Getting Started

We offer many different types of accessories to display your id cards. 

  • Clips - We offer a wide variety of clips to conveniently attach your card to clothing or other useful applications.
  • Lanyards - Lanyards come in a wide range of colors to match your personalized cards. 
  • Vinyl Pouch - vinyl pouches are available that either attach to a lanyard or are clipped right to your clothing. 
  • Clear Vinyl Overlay - Our cards are thermal printed so you can be assured that the ink will not rub off.  However over time, your card may fade due to excessive rubbing either against clothing or from being removed from a wallet.  We can apply a clear overlay to both sides of the card to protect it from fading.

We also have magnets, badge reels and many more accessories to compliment your cards.

Other Uses

  • Spotlight years of service for employees and boost employee morale with phrases like “Proudly Serving for 10 Years” or “Providing Excellent Service for 5 Years”.
  • Special Events – Use Restricted Access cards to allow entry to certain people or showcase “VIP” access.
  • Customer Loyalty Cards – Customers carry your advertising in their wallets and show them for discounts.
  • Memorial Cards – Honor loved ones and keep them close to you with Memorial Cards.  Include a picture, saying, prayer or a wonderful memory of them to carry with you every day.
  • Have a favorite picture you want to carry in your wallet?  We will transfer that picture to a card and since it’s printed on PVC plastic, you don’t have to worry about tears or fading.

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