Photos should be in the 30 KB to 100 KB range and saved in a .jpg format. Photos below 30 KB will be of poor quality when printed. Please do not send files above 200 KB as our mail server can become full too quickly due to the numerous orders being received by us throughout the day.


To expedite your order, please rename the files when possible (Ex. Smith_Jane.jpg or Jane Smith.jpg). If you are unable to rename the files, you can either email each photo in a separate email with the person’s name in the subject line of the email or provide a list of each employee and their corresponding photo number (Ex. Jane Smith is Photo 1). Photo files should be renamed if possible to avoid any printing errors.


You have several options for submitting photos. You can email them to us at [email protected] or you can send them to us via Google Drive. This works best for larger files. Please contact us to get set up or click here to access our File Sharing Request Form. Please check out our Photo Tips for more information. It is a very easy process and if you need any assistance, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.


Digital photo files are preferred. We are able to scan actual photos however there is a $2.00 surcharge for each photo to be scanned.


Photos taken of the upper chest to above the head area work best. Do not zoom in too closely, we will crop the photo to the size necessary. Please do not take full length photos as the quality will be poor once they are cropped to the appropriate size.


Please be advised that the background that is present when you take the photo is the background that will appear when we print the ID cards/badges. We do not change the background on photos since it is a time consuming process. Please submit your photos will the background that you would like printed.

The United States flag offers an official look for government ID cards and ID badges. Hang an opened flag horizontally and have your subject stand in front of the flag with his/ her head centered where the blue background of the stars meets the stripes. We are able to add clipart of flags to the ID itself at no additional charge but the flag will not appear in the photo.

For all others, the plainer the background the better. A plain wall or door is fine or a felt type fabric, approximately 3 feet by 3 feet, works well too. Backgrounds to avoid include shiny material, paneling, brick, cement block, etc.